Kinds of Members
We are an inclusive, welcoming synagogue. Our members are from Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, Secular and unaffiliated homes as well as those who have joined the Jewish faith and people by choice. Among our members are all ages, from all backgrounds, sexual orientations and professions.
Our inclusiveness extends to people of different kinds of household structures: single, married – with or without children, single parents, partnered couples, divorced, widows and widowers and members at different stages of Jewish literacy, belief and observance and the intermarried. The congregation is egalitarian. Men and women count fully in all services and activities.
Central to our approach is to create an environment of warmth and fellowship that will establish a sense of true community so that people make new friends and feel welcomed, affirmed and accepted. Those who become members of our congregation have had their lives transformed and their Judaism renewed and revitalized.

Choosing Judaism, Embracing the Jewish Community
Our congregation welcomes those who seek formal conversion to Judaism and we provide courses of study on a personal basis. At the same time, we also welcome those families and their non-Jewish members who are not ready or able to formally convert to Judaism but still choose to identify with the Jewish path or link themselves to our community.
We seek to be inclusive and welcoming to people of different backgrounds and situations, while at the same time maintaining our integrity and standards and the ability of the Jewish community to survive in an open and pluralistic society.

Membership in the synagogue forms the lifeblood of our institution. From the earliest times, the Jewish path has stressed the holy use of money, which dedicated to noble ends expresses our deepest commitments. Indeed one’s checkbook is a spiritual statement of the holders’ values. Since the United States maintains a strict separation of church and state, it is imperative that people become members and support the Synagogue in order to ensure its survival continuity and flourishing.
Membership allows for the creation of special bonds of friendship and community under a spiritual aegis that no other segment of life, be it commercial, educational or cultural, can provide.
While diversity of thought and practice is a given, the unity of purpose expressed by membership creates a unique spiritual space in the midst of 21st century life. 

MEMBERSHIP 2022-2023
Family or Couple – $3895
Individual – $2350
There are also some additional charges (whether Family/Couple or Individual):
Security Fee – $250
Maintenance Fee – $250
Tikkun Olam (Justice + Compassion) – $100

ENHANCED MEMBERSHIP (for those who are able to make a greater financial commitment)

Rabbis Circle


*Please also add Security, Maintenance and Tikkun Olam fees.

If there are any questions you have please call the Membership line at 212-606-4066 or email us at

Make checks payable to Kehilat Mizrach and send to East Side Synagogue 2424 Broadway #105 New York, NY 10024.

Please include, either by Email ( or through regular mail, the form below:
Membership Form

Beyond supporting the synagogue through membership, members and friends sustain it via donations. The Yom Kippur Appeal of Conscience is one outlet as are donations traditionally made in recognition of and in honor of a variety of life cycle occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, special occasions, in honor of friends, anniversaries of a loved ones passing (yahrzeits), get well and an entire series of events or occasions that should be commemorated.