Our approach to Jewish learning for children combines an emphasis both on Family Education and the Synagogue School. The first paragraph of the Shma prayer, a central affirmation of Judaism found in every Jewish prayer book makes clear that the responsibility of teaching Judaism to children falls on the parents. It is they who are to transmit it to them “and speak of them (the teachings of Judaism) when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down and when you rise up.”

Hence, Family Education of children is an integral part of our educational approach. Parents must become partners with the Synagogue in the holistic education of their children. Children look to their parents as role models and relate as important to that which the parents indicate as important.

Supplementing and complimenting this is the education within the Synagogue school context on both a cognitive and affective level, directing itself to mind and heart, the intellect and the emotions.

Our Religious School utilizes new methods that make learning fun, experiential and creative so that kids don’t hate the experience.

The curriculum is designed with the New York private school student in mind. It utilizes self-guided learning and reading, using both textbook and computer. There is a recognition and respect for each student’s needs, abilities and interests. Basic skills and knowledge go hand in hand with appreciation and celebration of Judaism.

Most of all, what we do is geared to the development of a spiritual and ethical outlook that will last a student throughout their life.

The program also serves as a preparation for the Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony, which is focused and individualized for each student.

The Religious education program in under the supervision of both Rabbis who bring many years of experience and training in Jewish education.

For further information about enrollment, call 212-606-4066.